Local Management - Serving the Carolinas

We live here. With experience in the local markets, we understand your unique needs. Dealer Financial offers the independent dealer reliable financial backing needed for a stable floor plan. This allows you to put the right vehicles on your lot so you can sell more, and earn more.

Dealer Financial began as a project of Ranger Investment Group in 2009. We were created to support a new dealer in the Upstate of South Carolina. That dealership has since expanded. It now includes lots in two cities and continues to thrive.

Most Dealers we spoke with told us it was difficult to understand what their floor plan cost. They told us they needed a reliable source of funds that was both easy to use and easy to understand. Dealer Financial responded by constructing a floor plan product that is both. Our standard floor plan charges a flat daily rate only for the time the funds are in use. There are no onboarding fees, no sale fees, no audit fees – just a simple daily rate.

We live here; we are focused here. Call us to review your existing floor plan arrangements and one of our customer focused team members will see if we can simplify your plan and save you money.

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